Save the Ability Bow gym

Inner London’s only gym serving people with disabilities is under threat of closure. Based alongside other community activities in St Pauls’s Church in St Stephen’s Road, E3,  Ability Bow is a community gym providing inclusive fitness facilities and expert help from  friendly and highly-qualified Instructors. They strive to attract people to the fitness facility who have never used a gym before, or who would not normally take part in exercise.


It is the only Disability Gym within zones 1 to 4 for people with long term health conditions that has accessible equipment and specialist staff. They have comprehensive programs for dealing with Stroke, MS, Heart Conditions, Diabetes, Muscular Dystrophy, sensory impairments, age related illnesses, mental health issues and more.


Their waiting list is more than a hundred people long. Demand has increased while funding has actually reduced. To keep the gym open they have already had to make half their staff redundant and cut the ongoing one to one support service.


Please sign the petition here to keep the gym open and restore their services.


Click here to find out more about the history and activities of Ability Bow.

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