Raft Race seeks teams and entries

– Raft Race – 

 Captain Keeno a.k.a. Oliver Collier is calling all Makers across the capital and beyond to partake in a Maker Raft Race!

It’s not too late for teams to register, currently there are teams from: Makerversity, Institute of Making, Carpentry Club, Blackhorse Workshop, Islington Boat Club Seniors & Youth Team, Projects Office, Brew By Numbers and Weaver’s Fields Adventure Playground.

 If you are not able to form a team, Captain Keeno still needs your help, we need an audience, so put the poster up in your office, noticeboard, or gatherings!

The Carpentry Club will be making its own boat and you can help make it!

Download the A4 poster

Other Activities

There will be pedalos and kayaks for spectators and participants to try out. And a Tug-Of-War for anyone that wants to join in.


Brew by Numbers have kindly offered to provide loads of beer for everybody, we might take a small donation for such things. More refreshments are welcome.

Also Captain Keeno needs logistical help…

Chief BBQ Operator

It was great having a BBQ and cups of tea last time, but the dude who did it has moved on. Does anyone fancy running the BBQ?

Land Marshals

I will need two responsible land-lubbing co-ordinators to help me run things on the day (I have recruited three already) – does anyone have a reliable spouse they can volunteer?


There will be a PA to play nautical music and for someone to do the commentary of the races.

If anyone has any fisherman shanty choirs up their sleeve or accordion playing pirates who want to do a set then please put them in touch. Otherwise I will be putting together a play list to entertain us while we build and race.


If you would be interested in sponsoring this event, or you know anyone who might, please get in touch.


Pirates, buccaneers, shipwrights and admirals, by order of Captain Keeno and his associates, the following are the final rules for 2017:

– All rafts must be deemed Canal-Worthy by the assessment panel prior to launch.

– You can be on site from 10am making / tweaking / finishing rafts…

– Raft materials must not contaminate the canal in any way.

– Rafts can be no more than 6 feet wide (that’s 1.8288m for the metrics)

– All vessels to be human or nature powered (paddles, wind, solar etc. are OK)

– No pre-made, salvaged marine parts (canoes, paddles, outboards etc..). No marine-ply!

– All participants must wear life jackets (we will provide!)

– All participants are responsible for the removal and/or disposal of their raft following the event (all the bits…from land or water)

– Each raft must have at least two people on board.

– There is no maximum number of people that can be on board but all must pass the finish line (swimming trunks recommended but not required).

– All teams must be able to carry their rafts overland from finish to start line if they are fortunate enough to win the heat

– The judge’s word is final – until next year…

– You must register your team name

– Each team must have a flag and a 2m flag pole!!!

– All team members must be able to swim 50m

– Maximum draft is 4 foot

For more information contact The Carpentry Club, Oxford House, Derbyshire Street, London E2 6HG


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