More reports of attempted burglaries in Bow, London

The local police have sent us the following information about burglaries in the E3 area:

“One such incident recently involved the person/s knocking on the front door, ringing the doorbell and lifting the letter flap. Satisfied that they thought there was no one inside, the suspect/s started to use tools to pry open the windows, clearly in an attempt to get into the address. Fortunately, the homeowner was inside and after making his presence known, the suspect/s made their excuse and left the area swiftly.”

We would like to take this opportunity to remind all residents of the following: burglars would legitimately ring the doorbell and knock to see if there is anyone inside before breaking in. Please be cautious if you are not expecting anyone and to check who they are, preferably before opening the door.”

“It was also described on this occasion that the person who lifted the letter flap was wearing workman-like gloves. Burglars have been known to dress-up to add to their appearance for being there. This can include pretending they are from the Council or Utility Companies. Please ask to see their ID before letting them in. If in doubt, call their organisation to verify their ID. Legitimate representatives would be happy to wait.”

“Distraction Burglaries – Please be wary of letting a group unexpected visitors into your address. One person would be keeping the homeowner occupied / distracted inside, whilst another would go to another area and steal. If you do allow a unexpected visitor in do ensure that YOU close the front door after them so that no others can come in without your knowledge.”

“In all incidents and if you feel that the situation is not right, please call Police on 999 if the person/s is still there or 101, if reporting after the encounter.”

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