Living with Prostate Cancer

Dennis Banks, seen here demonstrating an early design of the turbine for the Geezer’s Active Energy project talks to fellow Geezer Tony Basra, about how he found out out he had Prostate Cancer and what happened next…




Dennis worked all his life as a wall and floor tiler on big contracts.  He worked on the Crystal Palace Swimming Pool and carried on working until he was 67.  He was a carer for 10 years for his wife  who had dementia. He was one of the original members of the men’s group set up by Age Concern that met every Tuesday in the local church, and became The Geezers.


  1. It is very brave and admirable for any man to come out and publicly talk about something as serious and personal as Prostrate Cancer. By speaking out it is another important way of helping those who are suffering in silence and alone. Like Ray, I hope the NHS sooner rather than later offers routine tests for all men over 50. Well done Dennis – you are a true inspiration. Look after yourself

  2. Hi Dennis. Thank you so much for letting us Men know about your experiences of dealing with Prostrate Cancer. I like you are one that had all the problems & test, but thankfully all I needed was a small operation. Though our many of us elder Men either don’t know or don’t want to know about a serious health problem, that only effect Men? We need to Campaign for more publicity and testing of Men over 50yrs. I was reading in one of the national papers only last week. That hopefully very soon there will be a more positive PSA test for us men. Ray Gipson Geezers Club.

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