LBTH wants to cut nursery funding

Tower Hamlets Council wants to cut funding to nurseries in the area, which could force a number of them to close. [1] Many families desperately rely on these nurseries for the affordable care and support they offer.

Alicja, a 38 Degrees member and parent who uses one of the threatened nurseries, is campaigning to save them. The council knows that there’s a growing groundswell of opposition to these cuts. [2] A massive petition now could persuade them to scrap the plans once and for all.

If you agree with Alicja that affordable childcare should be available for everyone, click here to sign her petition.


Here’s what Alicja says:

“These nurseries are outstanding and a fabric of the local communities, part of the community history and cohesion.

They offer children quality care and are alternative to often overpriced private sector nurseries. Yet there appears to be no long term planning by The Council of how to support the outstanding nurseries to continue their work within local community.“

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