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Swan Wharf Update

The application (14/00262/FUL) will not be going to the LLDC planning committee in June as previously understood.  Nor in July or August (committee does not meet in August), so September is a possibility.

Discussions with English Heritage are still ongoing and we understand that the applicant is obliged to “overcome” English Heritage’s objection to the demolition of the multi-storey stable block.  According to the case officer, Rachel Gleave, the applicant may decide to continue with the current, slightly amended, application, in which case officers may recommend approval.  On the other hand, the applicant may decide to withdraw completely or withdraw and submit a new application, which would be subject to consultation.

Wallis Road Demolition

Application 14/00387/FUL was approved unanimously by the LLDC planning committee at its meeting on Tuesday, 26 May 2015.  The committee visited the application site earlier in the day and was briefed on The Hackney Wick Masterplan, which seeks to retain all the other non-designated heritage assets in the area covered by the masterplan.  Only six members were present, probably because of half-term.

Bethnal Green Gasholders

Alison Dowsett MD St William Homes LLP has kindly replied to our letter published in the May newsletter. She would be pleased to meet us but points out that the site is still owned by National Grid; and suggests we contact Jim Moore or Phil Edwards.  Your correspondent has therefore thanked Alison Dowsett and sent the same letter to and

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