Geezers filmed for BBC News

On Tues 20th May a BBC news crew visited the Geezers in Bow. Siobahn Wornell came to interview the Geezers about how rising inflation was affecting them. The finished news piece featuring the Geezers was broadcast at 1pm on the BBC One news the following day, Weds 21st May. A screenshot from the broadcast is above.

The BBC introduction explained how everybody in the Geezers Club has to keep a close eye on inflation, particularly the cost of energy. Ofgem, the energy regulator has allowed companies to to increase the price of electricity by 10.9% and gas by 9.3%.

During the BBC film (still below), Geezer Brian Godfrey (right) explained that his electricity had recently gone up by £5 a month.

It was much appreciated that the BBC visited the Geezers to ask their opinions.

Geezers on BBC One News 21st May 2019

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