Domestic Abuse

older people and domestic abuse

It turns out that over 75s are not included in the domestic abuse data the government collects. I have no idea why. Obviously since the Covid-19 lockdown older people are more vulnerable to abuse.

Age UK say that Members of the House of Lords will soon be voting on the Government’s new Domestic Abuse Bill.

They are asking for people to sign their letter asking for a change to the Domestic Abuse Bill to include all victims of domestic abuse in the data collected.

Age UK say: “We know that last year at least 278,000 people aged 60-74 experienced domestic abuse. But above the age of 74, that data is not collected. That means no one knows how many older people are affected by domestic abuse or whether they are getting the help they need.”

Our top graphic was taken from the Safe Lives website where you can read more.

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