Do You Want Another Fast Food Outlet on The Roman?

The Roman Road Team are campaigning against planning permission being given to another fast food outlet on the Roman.  If you agree  they are asking you to email the planning department with an email  set out below.  And let us know in the comments space below that what you think about it.


No more fast food outlets

We need your help to stop another fast food outlet from opening on Roman Road

Please help us to object to a planning application for another take-away on Roman Road.  

An application has been put in to turn 577 Roman Road – currently A1 cakes – into another take-away. 

Residents have told us they want fewer take-aways – and more shops – on Roman Road. If you agree, please email (CORRECT EMAIL) by 15 May with the below: 

“Dear Sirs 

I OBJECT for the current application for a change of use from A1 retail to A5 hot food takeaway for 577 Roman Road, on the basis that allowing the loss of another retail unit will materially damage the viability, vitality and economic role of Roman Road town centre by: 

– losing a retail unit in a key retail position on the Roman Road 
– allowing retail use to fall further below 50%, the level specified in the Managing Development Document of the Core Strategy 
– allowing hot food take-aways – already 17 on Roman Road East – to dominate the road, at the expense of a viable retail environment. 

I request that you therefore REFUSE this application.



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  1. I may be wrong, but my understanding is the current shop – cakes, sweets etc – merely want the additional license so that they can also serve hot food. It isn’t an empty shop being turned into a Fried Chicken outlet.It strikes me as very unfair and not very equitable if we are telling existing businesses they cannot expand their product range. Businesses often have to change in order to survive, and to petition the council against one small business is OTT to say the least.

  2. I do miss Byrites and Zone 2 lol. Seriously though, food is good if it’s something different, maybe something relatively health based. But for the love of all that is holy no more chippies, kebabs shops, Chinese, Indian or chicken shops.

  3. I most strongly agree with this Petition against another Fast Food outlet in Roman Rd Market area. Enough’s enough. We need good quality retail Shops. Especially for Mens Wear.

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