Cooking with Bags of Taste

Georgina Williams from Bags of Taste with The Geezers

On Tuesday 30th April the Geezers were treated to a beautifully crafted and interactive introductory talk on cooking given by Georgina Williams. 

Georgina works for Bags of Taste who run a five-stage step by step guide to a mentored cooking course.

It prompted a lively, fun and informative discussion that was admirably supported by Geezer, John Forster, who has recently done the course. John brought along his completion certificate, a key ring, and a handsome recipes manual to prove it. He also enjoyed the experience so much that he signed up to do the course again to further hone his culinary skills.

Four groups of four Geezers will be connected. The groups will each bear the name of a vegetable, turnips were mentioned in honour of Graham Taylor.

As students on this home cooking course, we will each receive a FREE bag of ingredients. The package is enough for 7 meals of 3 different recipes: an Italian Pasta Sauce, a Middle Eastern Pilaf and a Chana Masala. These recipes will be simple and explained step by step. Equipment such as measuring spoons and a knife sharpener will be provided.

Us wannabe chefs will receive mentor support to guide us through the course. There will be clear instructions including cooking, budgeting, and local shopping tips via specially created videos. This level of support means, apparently, that we can’t fail! That is a comforting thought. When I was 19, I received written feedback from a flatmate: “You remembered to empty the bin at last, but why into the saucepan?” Additional verbal grenades have subsequently been hurled my way – “What’s this mess?” – pummelling my confidence for my efforts in the kitchen. 

So, if I can emerge triumphant, despite past failures, by cooking 3 delicious recipes in my own time, with everything provided for free… what’s not to like about that?

We will be asked to share our photos of our progress with our mentor and the others in our team. It’ll help keep us on track without being too pressurised. Marvellous!

As we go along, we can improvise – adding ingredients we love to embellish our award-winning achievements. 

After the course follow on online groups are available to ensure future delivery of more ingredients from 80 different international recipes.

Ready, steady, cook! Or, as Greg Wallace once said on MasterChef: “Things just don’t get tougher than this!”

Sixteen Geezers are up for the challenge. You can join on your own here.

Paul Dixey

Bags of Taste flyer

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