Burglary Alert Bow

We have just received notification of an attempted opportunistic burglary from Bow West police: “On Saturday 22nd July 2017 a suspected burglar gained entrance to an address on Antil Road E3. Suspect had managed to access the property by climbing through a partially opened window at the front of the house. Watch members please take extra care when leaving windows open and unattended.’

Separately I’m aware of a household in Bow East a week before who were alerted by their dog to an intruder in their garden.

A number of houses are now equipped with video monitoring and it will only be a matter of time before the police get a good photo of who they are looking for. If anyone is thinking of getting a £200 approx wireless security camera here are some reviews.  A neighbour was explained how his worked the other day to me. It runs on batteries and can last weeks. It works by motion detection, uploads the footage to the cloud and sends you a text message when it’s been activated. You can then view, and save the footage via an app on your phone or tablet.

Security camera £300 on Amazon

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