Bow East Neighbourhood Policing Team meeting Thursday 11th Jan

We’re informed by our local Police that in the last two weeks: “Nine burglaries have taken place upon house-boats moored along Regents and Hertford Union Canals. Please remain vigilant if you find yourself walking along the towpaths in these areas and report any suspicious activity to the Police.”

They also say that: ” Given that the HMRC’s deadline for submitting your Tax Return is due by the 31st January 2018. I would like to take this opportunity to briefly highlight some points in ensuring that you are not a victim of Fraud and Scams.

  1. Around this time, you may get unsolicited emails and / or be called by people purportedly from the HMRC to pay your tax return. Please carefully check that you are on the genuine HMRC website (there are convincing fakes out there!). Always sign-in through the HMRC website direct, instead of clicking on links. Ultimately, if you are not sure… Do not make any payment across.
  2. Another proper scam being used is that you will get called by someone claiming that they are from the Police or your Bank, that you have been a victim of a fraud and to protect your money, you need to provide certain security details there and then, i.e. your pin number, card details and etc. A courier is arranged to come to your home and collect your card/s.
  3. Police and your Banks will NEVER ask for your personal security details over the phone or collect your bank cards from your address. Please be wary of all calls such as this.”

The is more help and information on the Met Police website here. It includes a downloadable Little Book of Big Scams.

On Thursday 11th Jan 2018 from 18.30pm, Bow East local Police Team are holding a public meeting at the Idea Store, Roman Road, London, E3. All welcome.

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