Bethnal Green acid attack Fri 28th July

We have recieved the following update from the local police:

“Further to my message earlier in the week. A significant amount of work has been conducted since Tuesday evening and I can confirm a male was arrested last night in connection with this assault. He remains in police custody at this time.

I have also been made aware of several ‘wanted’ type posters appearing in the community and on social media of an individual who some think responsible. I would encourage you to dissuade people from this type of activity as, however well meaning, it could have a detrimental effect on the investigation.

Additionally I, like many of you, have heard and read stories quoting the number of acid type attacks in Tower Hamlets. Some of these stories worry me as the numbers quoted did not match what I know. To clarify in the previous 12 months we have recorded 28 crimes involving a corrosive substance. (There were 25 crimes recorded in the 12 months previous to that). But numbers alone do not tell the whole story, of the 28 crimes in the last year, 5 related to the use of CS spray and 4 relate to a threat of use only. The level of injury varies from none at all to serious. The reports are predominantly related to the offence of robbery, illegal economy disputes, and road rage incidents.

I am also aware that our community is more fearful at present due the recent acid type attacks and how they are reported and that this fear is magnified within our Asian female community. There have been no street based attacks involving acid whereby the victim is an Asian woman, the vast majority of victims are men aged between 18 – 30 and the suspects are similar. There have been no attacks in Tower Hamlets that have been motivated by Race or Religion.”

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