Are these Really our Representatives!

Local Councils now record their meetings for public consumption.  Here are two excerpts
that caught the attention of the Daily Express online from the recent Tower Hamlets full council meeting.  A slanging match  develops involving some of Bow’s councillors.







For a full report of the meeting as written up on the Daily Express website click here




    1. Watch the meeting of the council debating the Petition from SELA.

      It’s like a football match, where the bruised bodies of leaseholders and Tower Hamlets Homes are kicked round the room, by people who can’t even decide where the goal-posts are.

      Here are the highlights. You can follow any of the links on this page to join the meeting at that particular comment.

      At the end of the meeting, no-one was even clear what the motion was supposed to be. And Tower Hamlets council was to issue some formal response before the end of February, but a month later and SELA have heard nothing about the problems of out-of-control service charges and lack of accountability.

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