Ageism and Covid

Ageism and Covid The Telegraph 17th Jan 2021

Ageism and the Covid death toll

There have been 70,500 deaths from coronavirus in the 65 and over age group – 90% of total deaths. 28% of those deaths occurred in a care home. Yet the government is still planning to send people who have not been tested into care homes.

Caroline Abrahams of Age UK wrote in the Telegraph today: “The over 65s comprise almost one in five of the population.. yet the government machine almost entirely  ignores them as a group: a classic example of structural ageism?”

Domestic Abuse statistics

For some strange (dodgy?) reason the over 75’s were not included in the domestic abuse statistics. Following a long campaign by Age UK they are to be included in the (Governments) Office of National Statistics data in 2021.

Caroline Abrahams, Charity Director at Age UK said: “Domestic abuse affects people of all ages so it’s high time that the oldest victims are recognised and brought in from the cold in this way.

“‘What gets measured gets done’… It also opens up opportunities to raise the awareness of professionals who are well placed to identify older people who may be affected by domestic abuse, such as hospital doctors and nurses. Sometimes, for example, domestic abuse first comes to notice when an older person is admitted to hospital, and it becomes clear they are frightened to go home.”

Caroline Abrahams went on to say: “Many of us will find it rather extraordinary that until now, there has been a cut off at age 74 for collecting data on experiences of domestic abuse. Arbitrary age limits are by definition ageist and have no place in the modern world, but better late than never and it’s good that this one is going now.”

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