Ability Bow Edges Closer…

Sometime ago we posted about the threat of closure to the Ability Bow Gym in St Paul’s Church in St Stephen’s Road.  Its not saved yet but is getting a lot of publicity and the campaign is hopeful as they edge towards 3000 signatures on their petition. Here is their latest news:


Good news everyone,


Our hard work has payed off, thank for for sharing our message and signing the petition.


The campaign to save the last inner London disability rehabilitation gym has gotten some big media attention:


BBC NEWS LONDON : https://www.facebook.com/SaveAbilityBow/videos/1916096135292331/


BBC RADIO LONDON : https://www.facebook.com/SaveAbilityBow/videos/1915803788654899/

There are many more updates to see so please like our facebook page to stay informed and engaged:


We had some wishes of support from the Mayor of London.
The MP for the area has written to the Minister for Disabled people.

We have yet to hear back from the government but atleast we now have their attension.
The gym still needs £20 000 by the end of March but with all this media coverage things are looking good.
We have some videos of members coming soon, “wheelchair to walking” stories of personal triumph.
We are close to 3000 signatures so please share links with your friends:


I really appreciate your support, I am working as hard as I can to save this critical service.


Richard Amm

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